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We are a family of therapists working in tandem to provide our patients with pain relief, injury prevention, work related tension and stress.



Sergey is the founder and head therapist at Almax Health Clinic.


A physician in Lviv before immigrating to Canada, he brings decades of experience in both patient care and manual therapy.


He is an Osteopath, and an Acupuncturist.



Ludmila also brings her past as a medical doctor into her treatment philosophy as a current RMT and Osteopath.


Patients have commented that she has gentle hands but strong fingers, and she uses them to find the root of the pain.


She loves her work because the energy she puts into her treatments has a direct result on patient well being.



Maks is an RMT with previous experience as a yoga teacher, and personal trainer.


He is currently studying Osteopathy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.


He listens intently to his patients and understands that all injuries require a unique approach.


He focuses on soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, and therapeutic, corrective exercise.

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